Mauri Korhonen

Hi, I'm Mauri Korhonen

Software engineer. | Azure developer. | C# Programmer.

+358 50 3859905
Riihitie 6, 39100, Hämeenkyrö, Finland

Mauri Korhonen

Concept Designer. Back-end Developer. C# Programmer. Microsoft Azrue MCP


Software architecture
Windows Phone

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I got my first computer in 1982, Sinclair Spectrum ZX (48K), since then computer science has been my passion and hoppy. My other hobbies include swimming, golf, gym and fixing my house (build in 1984). I have a beautiful lawyer wife and 4 years old boy. I have worked in many programming position, and my career starts from (Synergycenter in those days) where I was building their first message broking center in 1997. I have seen new media rise at the end of 20th century, working at IconMediaLab that time. We did even WAP-programs back then. I consider myself to be best at challenging problems and I consider myself as an innovator. I have mostly been involved with Microsoft tools and techniques. I have strong knowledge at least the followings: IIS, ASP, VB.NET, C #, WPF, Silverlight, TFS, MSSQL, SSIS, SSAS , WP7 and Microsoft Azure.

I am currently working at Microsoft Mobile Oy (used to be Nokia) and open for any great career opportunity or to good ideas.

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Software Architecture

I have been desing warious of systems from bottom up and form top to bottom. Loving these new and effective ways e.g. ASP.NET MVC, bootstraper 3, REST...

Unit testing

I have been integration automated unit tests since 2002. Now using build machines to run all the unit tests during the code check in to TFS. Hitting high coverage percent’s if wanted.

Azure setup and migration

I have been developing to Microsoft Azure since it’s beta 2 stage ( from year 2010). All swiss replica rolex our current solutions are running on Azure.

Coder and developer

If have been coding since I was 12 years old. At the older age the main focus is in good quality of code.

Performance tuner

During many years I have been involved with performance tuning many times. I am really familiar with the methods in that field. Sometimes Tag heuer replica it has been database, sometimes settings, sometimes something else.


I have design many databases. Lately by code first. Knowing it all at the field of MSSQL and Oracle.

I'm currently working at Microsoft Mobile located in Tampere Finland

In the furture I am looking to find some challenging projects to take part. At the beginning I could be free a charge consult. I our intrests would meet we could work something out.

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My education and experience.


Microsoft® Certified Professional Developer

Certification Number : D788-5990 Achievement Date : 05/24/2012

Certification/Version : Windows Azure Developer



2012 - 2014

Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist

Certification Number : D765-9082 Achievement Date : 04/30/2012

Certification/Version : .NET Framework 4, Data Access

Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist

Certification Number : D778-4828 Achievement Date : 05/14/2012

Certification/Version : .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications

Microsoft Specialist

Certification Number : E948-2544 Achievement Date : 09/05/2014

Certification/Version : Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Foundation Certificate in Software Testing

Foundation Certificate in Software Testing





I worked at Softability doing all kind of consulting at the field od Software Architecture, Coding, Performance tuning, Azure migrations and so on. Main tools form Microsoft (TFS, Visual Studio, MSSQL)


I worked at Basware as Senior Software Engineer. Doing design and coding with product called anyErp which is Basware's connection tool to SAP


2/2006 - 10/2008


I worked at Tieto for six years doing multiple things


2000 - 02/2006

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